How to find a church in New Orleans

Helpful tool from

image via

image via

You enter the domination and/or the neighborhood and the app will find the results. You can’t select multiple denominations.

The listed results include addresses, phone numbers and websites for the churches.

We selected “Uptown/Garden District” neighborhood to see what happened and got 61 results.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a place for us to start church-shopping.

Another option:

screenshot from

screenshot from

Several options to narrow down churches on this site. You can sort the churches by name, distance from a ZIP code, Sunday attendance size, specific ministries and denominations. And, you can choose several denominations.

The results show up with the church name, denomination, phone number and major cross street. Some of them have been updated with email contact info, a church website and average attendance figures.

Not a comprehensive list or very helpful for picking a church, but it has pretty pictures:

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