Zebra racing tonight at New Orleans Fair Grounds

No excuse to say you are bored this weekend. Yet another event (via NOLAdefender.com):

It may have been a rainy week at the track, but on Saturday night storm clouds part just in time for a night of exotic twilight racing.

After 6 pm, Louisiana’s finest thoroughbreds step aside to make way for their equus cousins and a flock of flightless birds.

A select group of jockeys will take to the gate with a zebra, a zedonk (hybrid between a donkey and a zebra) and an ostrich for a playful night of racing.

DJ Rob Nice makes an appearance with his turntables, as well as some of the best New Orleans food trucks like Woody’s Fish Tacos, La Cocinita, BBQ and Some and Fry Bar NOLA.

General admission is $12, and $15 for clubhouse admission.

Read the full story for a zebra-racing primer.

Click here for more info about the Fair Grounds and the events scheduled there.

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