Beware of sidewalks in New Orleans

We took our nice, paved sidewalks for granted. We didn’t realize how fortunate we were until we moved to New Orleans.

photo via

photo via

Good words of wisdom from @GreyPerkins, who blogs on (full post):

A few days after we arrived from Virginia, I started tripping on Uptown sidewalks. My Birkenstock-clad toes were bloodied, bruised, and – in one particularly memorable pedestrian disaster – broken. I tumbled over cliffs on St. Charles, root mass eruptions on Magazine, and even recently paved and deceptively well-maintained stretches of Napoleon.

Now, I’m no athlete, but I’m a fairly sturdy and capable pedestrian. Why, then, was I making toe hamburger just walking around town? Simple.

I was never looking down.

We’ve been here three months, and I still do the tourist shuffle: head tilted up, eyes wide, mouth slightly open in wonder, iPhone in hand ready to snap pictures. There’s something new around each corner, a shifting kaleidoscope of beauty, diversity, rot, and mystery. Every live oak drapes fingers over something else I haven’t seen. And that’s just it. There’s always something I haven’t seen.

So I’ve switched to closed-toe shoes. I skip the sidewalks on the smaller roads and walk on the street, like the locals do. And I try to stay out of traffic when I stop and gawk – but sometimes it’s difficult.

This sculpture is on Prytania Street. (photo via

This sculpture is on Prytania Street. (photo via

Grey moved to New Orleans last year and has been blogging about her experience. She’s got a funny little story about her tourist interaction on the streetcar.

Read her blog, NOLA Musings, here.

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