New Orleans to host Color Run this weekend

We partied last night at Babylon, Chaos and Muses (pix). And we’re gearing up for another busy weekend in New Orleans. The weekly newsletter keeps us in the loop. You should sign up for it (FREE!). Click here and enter your email address in the box to the right.

The Color Run is just perfect for the exuberant atmosphere of Mardi Gras. Online registration is closed, but it’s still fun to watch the powder as a spectator.

This is what a typical Color Run looks like. (photo via

This is what a typical Color Run looks like. (photo via

Info about the Color Run from

 Get ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in color! This 5k claims to be the “happiest 5k” and once you run it, you’ll see why. The race is more focused on fun and less focused on speed and is great for families as it invites runners of all ages. You are required to have on a white shirt to cross the start line and for the next three miles you’ll be covered in the brightest colors and end up looking like you just popped out of the Willy Wonka factory. So don’t even worry about tie-dying a shirt for Mardi Gras – just come burn some calories and make your costume. Pretty brilliant, isn’t it? You can find more information online.

We’ve had friends do this run in other cities and the pictures always look like so much fun.

Plus, loads more Mardi Gras parades this weekend. Click here for the best bets from


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