Seafood ‘shares’ available in New Orleans

Cool idea. Story via (full text): crescent city farmers marketlogo

As they started doing for Lent 2011, the Crescent City Farmers Market (more) is once again offering a certain amount of fish for a certain price. They are CSFs, the fisheries version of CSAs.

CSA means “community supported agriculture,” a popular concept in which those who invest in the farmer at the beginning of the season get a weekly box of vegetables from the farm. The CSFs are “community supported fisheries.”

In the CCFM method, for $100, subscribers will get six weeks of fresh, local seafood in an insulated bag, enough for dinners for two.


What’s the catch? Shares may include black drum, rondeau seabream, flounder, wild caught catfish, speckled trout, crabmeat, soft-shell crab, whole shrimp, or peeled & deveined shrimp.

Read more about the program here.

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