New Orleans plant and tree sale this weekend

Parkways Partners is hosting its annual plant and tree sale Saturday. We’re so stinkin’ excited. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to score some plants for our new apartment.Parkway Partners logo

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The 2013 Tree and Plant Sale, a collaboration between the Department of Parks and Parkways and Parkway Partners, is right around the corner.

FOR SALE:  favorite New Orleans plants, trees, flowering shrubs, perennials, hanging baskets, roses and citrus trees from local nurseries

The annual sale is a special educational effort for home gardeners.  The City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways staff — urban foresters, landscape architects and horticulturists — will guide participants in selections.  Pictures of your horticultural challenges are encouraged.

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One thought on “New Orleans plant and tree sale this weekend

  1. Update from Parkway Partners about what is for sale:

    5 varieties of tomatoes
    47 varieties of mint
    15 varieties of citrus
    4 varieties of oaks
    6 varieties of crape myrtles
    10 varieties of azaleas
    4 varieties of hydrangeas
    15 types of flowering trees
    30 types of landscape shrubs
    35 varieties of colorful bedding plants
    plus many, many more!

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