Free cooking party in New Orleans

This free cooking party sounds like fun. It’s part of Brooklyn Brewery’s festivities in March (info).

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How describes itself:

A social community centered around cooking and conversations, where friends and soon-to-be friends cook and talk together while enjoying delectable dishes.

The New Orleans event:

Sunday, March 17, at 6 p.m. (Note: The previous date was changed) – Free | A stalwart citizen opens his kitchen for a 150 person cooking party where everyone is a cook. There will be 7 cooking stations including 2 food trucks, a chandelier wok, indoor kitchen and plenty of grills. Each attendee brings the ingredients and everyone cooks together. Dishes are passed around, and there’s plenty of Brooklyn beer to enjoy. For location details, go to

You have to go to the site, sign up (we did it through Facebook to make it easier) and then you get the secret location.

More info about the event via

An international community of incredible people who share a passion for food, drinks and good conversations. Our staple event is where everyone brings the ingredients for one dish and then cooks together in one space. All recipes must be finished and space returned to original condition by the end of the event, while everyone is socializing, enjoying drinks and eating tasty dishes. Featured in the NY Times and NPR.

  • Everyone must prepare something.
  • Everyone must pitch in to help restore the space to it’s original condition.
  • Try not to lose any fingers.

Space is limited.

What to bring:

Bring the ingredients necessary for a bunch of people to try a little bit of your dish.


Extra knives, cutting boards, big bowls, grilling surfaces and Tupperware to bring any extra food home.

Joining us:

  • Our friends at the Brooklyn Brewery will be providing free brew to everyone to celebrate their MASH Tour of Brooklyn culture.
  • Joe Cole and the Pelican food truck. Serving cajun/creole influenced food. Pelican aims to serve only the freshest produce and the best taken care of meat. Nearly everything in the truck will be house made: pickles, boudin, beignets, potato chips, grits, bacon, berry whipped cream and much more. Laissez les bons temps rouler
  • Headwater Cafe Food truck. A 1969 converted silver stream Camper with a full kitchen. Along with Jason Robertson who you may just saw on “Chopped”
  • The boys from Ancora who are revered for their authentic wood fire pizza restaurant and Salumeria
  • Beaucoup Juice. Fresh Juice Snowball machine.
  • A 30″ Cantonese style chandelier wok on a mega burner.

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