Good website for New Orleans restaurant menus ( is a good resource if you are looking online for New Orleans restaurant menus.

Sean O’Neill, originally from the Boston area, has been in New Orleans for about five years. He reached out to us because he thought could be a good resource to NOLA newcomers. We agree. We frequently use Yelp, UrbanSpoon and the other foodie sites, but too often prices are missing from the menus. has all the prices listed.

screenshot from

screenshot from

More info about Couchster from O’Neill:

– We’re an online food ordering company called Couchster, and we let folks look at menus and reviews for a ton of local restaurants (we have about 125 menus on the site nowadays).

– Saturday, the company started taking online orders for its first few restaurants: Saucy’s BBQ, Magazine Po-Boy Shop, NOLA Poboys, Honeydeux and Avenue Cafe.

– We don’t charge anything to customers placing orders; what you pay for an order on Couchster is  the same as you’d pay if you were physically in that restaurant, or calling them over the phone. Sean said the biz makes a commission from the restaurant. posts online menus (with prices) on its site. Here's a snippet of Dat Dog's menu. posts online menus (with prices) on its site. Here’s a snippet of Dat Dog’s menu.

– Our site is organized by neighborhoods, so folks can find restaurants around them and we’re always happy to add new restaurants that anyone asks for.

– I originally came here as a student at Tulane (I’m from the Boston area originally), and we ended up ordering from Dominos a lot because it was much easier to order from their online system than to juggle a bunch of different orders to a restaurant over the phone, so that was really the genesis of the idea. I worked downtown in the CBD for a while, and it really reinforced the idea because it was such a pain to order lunch…waiting on hold is not exactly how I liked spending my lunch hour. Being able to order online solves both problems, and just makes life a lot easier.

– Most of the menus on the site came from me grabbing takeout menus from places, and then building pages on the site. Since then, we’ve basically been adding them as we’ve signed up restaurants, or as people have asked for specific restaurants. If we’re missing one that people want, we’ll usually be able to put a page together for that restaurant within a couple days.

The site is similar to (online food ordering site), but O’Neill said Seamless and the other national companies don’t have a big presence in New Orleans.

“But we’re local, so we’re building this as much for our own use as anyone else’s,” he said.

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