Where to eat in New Orleans (via HungryNomad.net)

We’ve been inundated with visitors since we moved to New Orleans. Our couch has never been in more demand. And when people come, we know the first question they will ask: Where should we eat?

Tala AKA The Hungry Nomad (via hungrynomad.net)

Tala AKA The Hungry Nomad (via hungrynomad.net)

We’re still learning the answers to that. We enjoyed The Hungry Nomad‘s suggestions to her visitors.

Let’s face it. Besides the music and drinking scene, most people come to New Orleans for the food. That is why it’s essential to spend your time wisely and get the most the city has to offer in food.

I’m often asked where I would recommend out-of-towners to dine in their short time in this glorious town and while the recommendations are not conclusive, they do give a good thorough taste of what the city has to offer. When I have friends and family visit us in New Orleans, I usually follow the same itinerary. Here I share it with my readers so you can have a taste of my New Orleans.  And please, while in New Orleans do forget any diets, detoxes or herbal cleanses and instead fully indulge in Southern decadence.

Read the full, three-day itinerary on her site. The Hungry Nomad, a former NOLA resident, blogs and tweets about food adventures around the world. Follow her for an eyeful of goodness:

Twitter: @thehungrynomad1
Facebook: /thehungrynomad
Instagram: thehungrynomad

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