Our New Orleans food adventures 5/20/13

New Orleans is a foodie city and we eat out quite a bit. It helps us give good recommendations when our out-of-town visitors ask us where they should eat. Here’s some photo evidence of our culinary adventures this past week or so.
Check out the full post on Storify for the prettier version of the photos.
  1. We tried Bacchanal Wine for the first time. Had a fun #NewinNOLA meet-up and eat-up.
  2. Beautiful night at #bacchanalwine. Enjoying our first experience here. #nola
  3. Cheese plate heaven at Bacchanal.
  4. Delicious scallops. Btw – required 3 phones for this pic. #nola
  5. Tried out new flavors at Creole Creamery. Earl Grey was unexpectedly delicious.
  6. Chocolate Abita strawberry & Earl Grey ice cream cones from #creolecreamery. #nola
  7. Had La Crepe Nanou for the first time.
  8. Trying a new place for dinner tonight. Cute restaurant. #nola
  9. Enjoyed a big bowl of mussels and fries for $15. Plus, we tried the escargot appetizer. Good garlic butter sauce.
  10. Score! $15 for big bowl of mussels & fries. Yum! #nola
  11. Strawberry lemonade cooled us off during the Champagne Stroll down Magazine Street.
  12. Tried Dat Dog for the first time. We sat outside until the formosa termites started swarming.
  13. It’s an al fresco kinda night. #datdog #nola
  14. Kielbasa with chili, cheese, bacon and grilled onions. #datdog #nola
  15. We’d heard good things about the happy hour at Blind Pelican. Raw oysters are 25 cents. A dozen chargrilled oysters were $7 or so. We prefer Drago’s version (more butter, garlic, cheese instead of garlic, butter & bread crumbs).
  16. Chargrilled oysters at the Blind Pelican #nola
  17. Burger w/ pears, onions, blue cheese & balsamic glaze. So good. #nola
  18. We checked out the swanky Theatres at Canal Place. Servers bring food to your seat. The theatre features four different popcorn flavors, in addition to classic butter.
  19. 4 different popcorn flavors at @thetheatres. Nice. #nola
  20. We hosted vegetarian friends so we checked out veggie heaven AKA Lebanon’s Cafe. We tried the famous Lebanese tea with pine nuts.
  21. Lebanese ice tea with pine nuts #nola
  22. Vegetarian grape leaves plate #nola
  23. Roasted veggies with feta #nola
  24. We keep finding new favorites at Surrey’s. This bananas foster French toast was stuffed and then cooked. So good.
  25. Bananas foster French toast from #surreys. Scrumptious! #nola
  26. We wound up back at Juan’s Flying Burrito. This luau quesadilla was scrumptious – shrimp, bacon & pineapple salsa.
  27. We’re prowling for good, cheap sushi. We found a strong contender at Mikimoto in Mid-City. Daily lunch specials for under $10.
  28. Best sushi we’ve had so far in #NOLA. #midcity #mikimoto
  29. For more food pix throughout the week, follow us on Instagram (@NewinNOLA) and Twitter.

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