#NewinNOLA meet-up: Let’s go lawn bowling

Looking for something to do Memorial Day weekend? Join us Saturday for lawn bowling (bocce) on the neutral ground.

FYI – the neutral ground is the grassy median in the middle of the street. NewInNOLA_Logo

New in NOLA’s Margaret and Chapman will provide the bocce balls & the music. Bring yourselves, any additional snacks or drinks you want and any other lawn games you want to add to the mix.  Lawn darts is the holy grail here, but croquet and horseshoes are always winners too.

After/during the games, we can walk to any and all food trucks parked at Kingpin, Fat Harry’s or Ms. Mae’s.

We’ll start at 4 p.m. on the neutral ground on Napoleon near Coliseum.

Hope you can make it. Shoot Carlie an email if you want more info: carliekollath@gmail.com.

A bocce instruction video to get you pumped up:

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