#TermiteApocalypse in New Orleans

What are those flying bugs swarming at night in New Orleans? Formosan termites. They won’t hurt people, but they are a nuisance for a few weeks in the spring. They were bad Wednesday, May 22.
#NewinNOLA tip: turn your lights off to prevent swarms at your place.
#NewinNOLA tip: Turn off your porch lights to avoid termite swarms at your door. (photo via @NewinNOLA on Instagram)

#NewinNOLA tip: Turn off your porch lights to avoid termite swarms at your door. (photo via @NewinNOLA on Instagram)

Here’s what some NOLA residents saw outside. Check out the full post on our Storify account.
  1. The Great NOLA Termite Attack of 2013 #termitescanfly? pic.twitter.com/rbLDo10TOI
  2. Walked out on the porch to finish a phone conversation and swallowed a termite. #NolaProblems
  3. Termite season! @ Lakeside Country Club instagram.com/p/Zotkb7gh3B/
  4. Forgot about termite season this year. Didn’t take long to remember pic.twitter.com/RV3maSbXq4
  5. Visibility outside is about 3 feet right now due to heavy termite fog.
  6. Same here. Bad, but not 2008 bad yet. RT @skooks: Visibility outside is about 3 feet right now due to heavy termite fog.
  7. Just finished vacuuming every single termite that made it into the house. Wow they are crazy tonight in Mid City! #turnoffthelights
  8. It’s termite season! pic.twitter.com/yphMLsKWaa
  9. Huge, snow-like Formosan Termite swarm on Maple Street tonight vine.co/v/b99iqJzBtiL
  10. How we deal with spring-time termite swarms in New Orleans. #NolaLife pic.twitter.com/1FDVCvCMdr
  11. With all these chefs and termites in the same place, some has to have a good #termite casserole. Put a foot ON it. #nola
  12. trick to riding home during termite swarm. . . keep mouth closed#NOLA
  13. Ghack! “Swarming Season” is upon us in Broadmoor. Would have appreciated a heads-up. I know I’m new, but really? #termite #skincrawling
  14. Waddup termite in my bed pic.twitter.com/vWqR54rlue
  15. Apparently the thing to do was take a video of the termite swarms. Not to worry, I’ll get that to ya tomorrow. #thatsaweirdobsessionnola
  16. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about… Grosssddd!! New Orleans #termite #swarm photos Wednesday night bit.ly/1a9mcdd
  17. #iDontLikeWhen you feel like you’re were swimming through a sea of the dreaded #NOLA #termite. ‘Tis the season. nola.com/living/index.s…
  18. Termite season = swarms and bugs in all parts of clothing and hair
  19. New Orleans termite swarms flood social media with photos Wednesday night bit.ly/1a9mcdd
  20. And…the commenters find a food angle: Major termite swarms in #NOLA nola.com/environment/in…
  21. While we enjoy many of the seasons here in #nola (shrimp, crawfish, festival, etc…), we could really do without termite swarm season.
  22. Luckily, the Lower 9 seems pretty termite-free. That’s what y’all get for living Uptown.
  23. Finding dead #nola #termites in my house this AM. Yuck. Loathe #termite season…lights out from 8-9p or u r swarmed!
  24. Thank ya LORD! I survived the termite Apocalypse!!!! I’m ready for em tonight!

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