Our New Orleans food adventures 5/27/13

We keep eating our way through New Orleans. Restaurants this week included Drago’s, Sukho Thai, Cafe Du Monde, Frank’s, Pat O’Brien’s and St. James Cheese Co. Plus we hit up a food truck rally in Broadmoor.
Here’s the Storify post we did about our food adventures this week.
  1. We kicked off the week with a food truck rally in Broadmoor.
  2. NOLA Pie Guy (@NOLApieguy on Twitter) made this terrific chocolate pie with homemade whip cream. We was selling out fast, so we ate this as an appetizer. #gooddecision
  3. Homemade choc pie with homemade whip cream. #foodtruckrally #nola
  4. Our meal from Beignet Roule …
  5. Dinner from #beignetroule – beignets, greens & potato salad. #foodtruckrally #nola
  6. We had a mini blogger meetup with @MissMalaprop and @Oh_Ashe at Sukho Thai on Magazine. Good lunch specials.
  7. Quick, workday lunch from the Whole Foods salad bar.
  8. We went to the Southern Girls Blog Community meetup Saturday at Grand Isle restaurant. Of course, food was involved.
  9. Salad & notepad = blogger lunch with @southerngirlsblog. #nola
  10. Marinated crab claws from Grand Isle #nola #noladining
  11. We had family and friends in town for the long weekend. We set a personal record Saturday for restaurants visited in one afternoon – Hansen’s, Drago’s, Tropical Isle, Pat O’Brien’s, Cafe Du Monde, Company Burger and Creole Creamery.
  12. We’re addicted to #dragos charbroiled oysters. #confession #nola #noladining
  13. We had to stroll down Bourbon with a classic drink.
  14. Why stop at one classic drink? We stopped in Pat O’Brien’s for another.
  15. And then we needed to soak up the alcohol before finding real food for dinner.
  16. Dinner at Company Burger. By the way, we tried to get dinner at Jacques-Imo’s but it was a two-hour wait at 9 p.m. Saturday. We decided to pass. However, we saw Krysten Ritter from TV show, ” Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” at the restaurant.
  17. And our last restaurant of the day – Creole Creamery. First time we’d had the shop’s peanut butter and jelly donut ice cream.
  18. Peanut butter and jelly donut ice cream from #creolecreamery. #nola #latergram
  19. For breakfast, we can’t get enough of La Boulangerie. This may be the best cheesecake we’ve eaten.
  20. Cheesecake tart for breakfast? Yes, please. #nola #noladining
  21. We made the most of the breeze Sunday and sat outside on St. James’ patio. The sandwich & mac-n-cheese were as good as they looked.
  22. Amazing roast beef & blue cheese sandwich from #stjames. #nola #noladining
  23. Ultimate mac n cheese from #stjames. #nola
  24. We read about Frank’s in New Orleans CityBusiness and wanted to check it out. We sat on the balcony and cringed every time it shuddered from people walking on it. That make anyone else nervous? The restaurant claims to have the original muffuletta/muffaletta (so does Central Grocery). Frank’s was good, but we’re still fans of Central Grocery’s version.
  25. Muffaletta on the balcony at Frank’s. Thanks for the rec, @city_business. #nola #noladining
  26. Fettuccine Alfredo from Frank’s in the #frenchquarter. #nola
  27. The hot sauce arsenal at Frank’s. Spicy! #nola
  28. For more food pix throughout the week, follow us on Instagram (@NewinNOLA) and Twitter (@NewinNOLA).

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