Our New Orleans food adventures 6/3/13

We’re eating our way through New Orleans. Restaurants this week included Korea House, Taceaux Loceaux, Mr. Ed’s, Whole Foods and CC’s. Plus, we went to the New Orleans Oyster Festival (more pix).

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  1. We hit up the salad bar and deli at @WholeFoods/@WFM_louisiana for a quick lunch. The deli in Metairie is significantly bigger than the Uptown one.
  2. Explored #wholefoods in Metairie. Bigger than @magazinestreet location. Our deli lunch… #nola
  3. CC’s (@CommunityCoffee) for iced coffee.
  4. #newinnola tip: CC’s is how the locals refer to Community Coffee shops. #nola #communitycoffee
  5. And then back to Whole Foods (@WFM_louisiana) for a wine and cheese tasting. Disclosure: Whole Foods invited us and supplied the wine and cheese for the participants, who were primarily writers and bloggers.
  6. Seaglass Santa Barbara – what pinot noir is supposed to taste like, per Rob the wine man at #wholefoods. #nola
  7. So @wholefoodsmarket is having a twitter wine tasting tomorrow night. Wines are $10 to $16. #nola #wholefoods
  8. The delice and seaside cheddar were delish.
  9. Nice, organized cheese plate from #wholefoods. #nola
  10. Our photo proof that we don’t eat out for every single meal …
  11. Making watermelon agua fresca. Nice and refreshing. #drink
  12. Tacos from @TLNOLA. Mmmm. That brisket is good.
  13. Eating lunch with @ivyclimber. Brisket and Bulgogi chicken tacos from @tlnola. Tasty! #nola
  14. Oh, @CreoleCreamery, how we love you.
  15. TGIF party with @ivyclimber at #creolecreamery. Triple shot mochaccino & red velvet cones. #nola
  16. Checked out @BackSpaceNOLA in the Quarter. Maybe our expectations were too high, but the joint didn’t live up to its literary hype. We found it to be a regular bar with a bit of literary decor. But, the bartender was fast so points for that.
  17. Our first absinthe drink – a champagne & absinthe cocktail. Like bubbly, black licorice. $10. #nola
  18. Sad to see typos in a menu at a supposed bookworm bar. #backspacebar #nola
  19. Back to Metairie for dinner. Korea House didn’t look like much from the street, but the food was good and affordable. It also has center grills in the tables where you can cook your own BBQ. We plan to go back and try that out.
  20. Not much curb appeal but food was good and price was right. #metairie #nola
  21. Homemade kimchi at Korea House in #metairie. #nola
  22. Scrumptious chop/jap jae at Korea House in #metairie. #nola
  23. Tasty bulgogi at Korea House in #metairie. #nola
  24. We checked out Mr. Ed’s in Bucktown after reading on @Yelp about its famous fried chicken. We weren’t disappointed. Four big pieces, fries/potato salad, buttered toast and salad for $13. The potato salad is made in-house as well as the delicious blue cheese salad dressing. And, the sweet tea was good. We’ll be back for more.
  25. Tasty fried chicken, sweet tea & homemade potato salad. #nola #noladining #bucktown
  26. Glad we saved room for the New Orleans Oyster Festival (@NOLA_oyster). So. Much. Food. Check out all the photos in our #oysterfest Storify post.
  27. Delicious buffalo shrimp/blue cheese poboy from #desireoysterbar. #oysterfest #nola
  28. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@NewinNOLA) for more food pix throughout the week.

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