Our New Orleans food adventures 6/10/13

We’re eating our way through New Orleans. Restaurants this week included The Midway, Zea’s, Korea House, Hansen’s and Darwell’s in Long Beach, Miss.

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  1. We heard about @MidwayPizza on a podcast from @ItsNewOrleans. The owner talked about his cheesy deep-dish pizza and we had to try it. So good.
  2. Tasty dinner at @midwaypizza. Props to our server, Matt. Good service. #nola
  3. We ate dinner this time but the lunch special sounds like a deal.
  4. We’ll be back for lunch: $9 pizza/salad buffet at @midwaypizza.
  5. The salad was delicious. It was $9 for a large platter that we split. Homemade champagne mustard vinaigrette. So good.
  6. Delicious salad w/ champagne mustard vinaigrette at @midwaypizza. #nola
  7. We tried a classic pizza – cheese, pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms. Not cheap ($19 for a large), but worth every penny.
  8. We checked out the @PressClubNOLA happy hour at Zea (@Zea_events) on St. Charles. The restaurant brews its own beer.
  9. Happy hour with @pressclubNOLA. This is Zea’s own brew. #nola
  10. We cooked at home this week and ate leftover pizza. And you don’t want to see pictures of that, right? But look at the weird stuff we found at Rouses (@RousesMarkets).
  11. Chicken paws? That’s a new one for us. What happened to chicken feet? #nola
  12. Trying new product at @rousesmarkets. Could go either way. #nola
  13. Not weird but worth including – we’ve started our hurricane food stocking.
  14. These count as hurricane supplies, right? #nola #rouses
  15. We met up with Tala (@TheHungryNomad) from HungryNomad.net. The food photos on that site make us drool. We wanted to see the woman behind the camera so Tala met us for drinks at The Rum House. Yay for making new friends!
  16. And our new friends gave us a foodie gift – ketchup chips.
  17. Thanks to the Count from @thehungrynomad for these tasty ketchup chips. #bloggerparty #nola
  18. We made another journey to Korea House in Metairie. This time, we were dining with NOLA native @restrass, an Instagram friend we’ve been hoping to meet in real life.
  19. We did Korean bbq this time. The tables have a pit built into the middle so you can cook your own meat. The owner, Ms. Kim, brought us this pot of wood charcoal and showed us how to fry things up.
  20. DIY Korean bbq with @restrass. This is the fire pit in our table. #nola
  21. The meal was good and we had leftovers for days. You have to order two BBQ meals if you want to cook at the table. Chicken is the cheapest ($13) and others range from $14 to $20ish. A meal comes with meat, homemade kimchi, rice, sauce and lettuce.
  22. Our food before it goes on the Korean bbq pit. #nola
  23. Fun food experience – cooking our own Korean bbq. #nola
  24. We took a daytrip Saturday to Long Beach, Miss. We checked out Darwell’s Cafe, which has been featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” with @GuyFieri.
  25. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives: Darwell’s Cafe
  26. We sat on the patio and listened to live music. It’s a BYOB joint – good to know for next time.
  27. Dinner and music at Darwell’s in Long Beach. #mississippi
  28. And we ate plenty of good seafood.
  29. Tasty dinner at Darwell’s (bday request from the 6-year-old) #longbeach
  30. Back in New Orleans, we celebrated #SnoballSunday at Hansen’s (@Snobliz).
  31. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@NewinNOLA) for more food pix throughout the week.

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