Our New Orleans food adventures 6/17/13

We’re eating our way through New Orleans. Venues this week included Cajun Seafood, La Boulangerie, St. James Cheese Co., the Courtyard Grill and the Crescent City Farmer’s Market.

Check out the full post on Storify.

  1. Thanks to New in NOLA’s Elizabeth for telling us about La Boulangerie. This French bakery on Magazine Street knows how to treat our tastebuds.
  2. Homemade muffins from La Boulangerie? Yes, please. #nola
  3. Our tasty orange cranberry muffin from La Boulangerie. Yum. #nola
  4. Hoping this will give us an extra dose of creative inspiration today. #nola
  5. Friday night, we checked out the March of Dimes (@marchofdimes) Spotlight on Success at Generations Hall (@GenerationsNOLA). The event honored New Orleans’ outstanding young professionals and featured food from about a dozen restaurants.
  6. The top young professionals are walking the runway. Love the second line parasol! #marchofdimes #nola
  7. These corn grits from @Zea_events don’t look pretty but they were so good.
  8. Yummy corn grits from Zea’s. #nola #marchofdimes
  9. Thanks to @JuansNOLA for the salsa bar.
  10. Salsa bar from Juan’s Flying Burrito. #marchofdimes #nola
  11. These puppies got snapped up quick. Thanks, @DrinkCordina!
  12. Cordina on a neck cord = #marchofdimes party. #nola
  13. We checked out the downtown Crescent City Farmers Market (@CCFMtweets). This market sells fruits, veggies, fresh shrimp, bread, cookies, plants, milk, meat, cheese, cut flowers and more.
  14. We opted to start small with our farmer’s market purchases …
  15. Our haul from today’s trip to the @crescentcityfarmersmkt#nola
  16. The heat melted us so we fought back with refreshing Mediterranean food. We bopped on over to @CourtyardNOLA for the tastiest gyros we’ve had so far in New Orleans. Plus, the AC was nice and cold.
  17. Tasty bread & sauce on this beef/lamb gyro at Courtyard Grill. #nola
  18. Beef/lamb sandwich from Courtyard Grill. #nola
  19. New in NOLA’s Margaret and Chapman introduced us to Cajun Seafood. Read about the Broadmoor restaurant on NOLA.com. It serves up boiled seafood and some Asian dishes. You buy the seafood by the pound and take it elsewhere to eat.
  20. Hit up Cajun Seafood in Broadmoor for dinner tonight. #nola
  21. These boiled shrimp were so tasty. And, by the way, a bag from @RousesMarkets makes the perfect disposable placemat.
  22. Boiled shrimp for dinner. #nolalove
  23. We also ordered a few snow crab legs. Nom nom nom.
  24. Crab legs with some of the #newinnola crew… #nola
  25. And let’s not forget the boiled crawfish …
  26. Oh, and the sides … The corn and potatoes were delicious. Our lips were on fire afterward but it was a good burn.
  27. The corn from Cajun Seafood is so good. #nola
  28. We celebrated @HaleyCrum’s first week in New Orleans with lunch at @StJamesCheese. The place was slammed Sunday. We concentrated on sandwiches during this visit, but we plan to introduce Haley to the tasty cheese plates.
  29. Mozzarella/salami sandwich from @stjamescheese. #nola
  30. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@NewinNOLA) for more food pix throughout the week.

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