Our New Orleans food adventures 6/24/13

We’re eating our way through New Orleans. Venues this week included Camellia Grill, Parkway Bakery, Orange Couch and Hollygrove Market & Farm.
  1. We had a veggie-filled week, thanks to Hollygrove Market & Farm (@HGMF). We signed up for the weekly produce box. The box is $30, including tax and the delivery fee.
  2. Our first @hgmf veggie box arrived tonight. Everything smells so good. #nola
  3. Beautiful, juicy Cherokee purple tomato sandwich for dinner. Thanks, @hgmf! #nola
  4. Eating brunch today at a #nola institution with #newinnola Lauren.
  5. 2 egg breakfast combo from Camellia Grill. #nola
  6. Omelet, hashbrowns, coffee & a cloth napkin. #nola
  7. We tried a new coffee shop last week – the Orange Couch in the Marigny. Small place, but the tables were all occupied by people working away on laptops. Nice place, and we were greeted by the Marigny chickens outside.
  8. Chicory Vietnamese coffee in the Marigny. #nola
  9. Hey @juliepoisoniv – we found vegan muffins for you. #nola
  10. It’s summer so we’re eating plenty of watermelon from @RousesMarkets.
  11. Juicy fresh fruit from Hollygrove and @rousesmarkets. Perfect for summer. #nola
  12. And then we revert back to our bad but oh-so-good food. We kept hearing about the poboys at Parkway Bakery (@ParkwayPoorboys) in Mid-City so we had a #NewinNOLA meetup there Saturday. Mmm mmm good. The fries were an unexpected treat. Really good.
  13. Mmm. We can smell the food at @parkwaypoorboys. #nola
  14. Roast beef gravy fries from @parkwaypoorboys. So good! #nola
  15. Good order from @mischiefmydear: roast beef & sweet potato fries from @parkwaypoorboys. #nola
  16. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more food photos throughout the week.

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