Good podcast in New Orleans: “It’s New Orleans”

I’m a fan of the “It’s New Orleans” podcasts, which feature NOLA residents and gets them to talk about their lives, experiences and passions. It’s been a good way for me to find out more about New Orleans and what residents think and do.

New in NOLA was honored to be on the July 25 episode of Happy Hour. We laughed so hard, we cried. (via It's New Orleans Facebook page)

New in NOLA was honored to be on the July 25 episode of Happy Hour. We laughed so hard, we cried. (via It’s New Orleans Facebook page)

“It’s New Orleans” has several podcasts, but my favorite is Happy Hour with Grant. Each week the free podcast has a different theme and live music. For example, the pizza-themed show had reps from Midway Pizza on Freret and Slice on Magazine. The reps talked about how they got started, what makes their restaurants stand out and what their favorite pizzas are.

The podcasts are full of good advice for newbies straight from local New Orleanians.

I usually download the hour-long podcasts for road trips and housework (ugh to dishes). It’s sort of like being invited to have drinks with a bunch of cool locals.

The shows are free and are available online and through the iTunes store. Again – the podcasts are FREE.

I was honored to represent New in NOLA on a recent Happy Hour podcast. I blame the invite on a lapse in judgement from “It’s New Orleans,” but hey, I’m game for picking someone else’s brain over drinks. The show I was on featured:

Our Sunken City – a new web comedy about New Orleans

– Blind Texas Marlin – a New Orleans band that plays the spoons and the skillet

Grant – the awesome host who kept us all in line

We had a blast chatting with everyone. Hope you listen in!

Photos from the show:

The show was recorded at Casa Borrega, a Mexican restaurant on O.C. Haley Boulevard. It’s a cool little restaurant and bar with a nice outdoor space.

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