Who are the 610 Stompers?

We heart the 610 Stompers. This is a dancing troupe of guys with the motto: Ordinary Men with Extraordinary Moves.

photo by Carlie Kollath Wells/NewinNOLA.com

photo by Carlie Kollath Wells/NewinNOLA.com

These guys crack us up when we see them dancing in parades and at events. We see them out and about at least once a month. Are we that lucky or are they everywhere?

This weekend, the group has tryouts, starting at 11 a.m. today and tomorrow. The first 60 men dance for the judges. NOTE: As of 10 a.m., tryouts are full for today.

And for $10, you can watch the hilarity ensue. Tryouts are at The Maison (map) on Frenchman Street.

More about the Stompers:

The 610 Stompers is a diverse group of ordinary men, from their 20s to their 60s. We are doctors, lawyers, professionals, laborers, students, teachers, and parents. We are different but we’re the same, and we’re brought together by our ongoing desire to entertain the world with our “Extraordinary Moves”, and in doing so, give back to the community that we love.

The name is in reference to Interstate 610.

And if you see one of them out in public, it’s totally acceptable to refer to them as a stomper, as in “Way to go, stomper!” or “Nice moves, stomper!”

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