Extras needed tonight for New Orleans web comedy ‘Sunken City’

Our friends at “Sunken City” are filming part of their New Orleans-based web comedy tonight and they need extras for a scene in the French Quarter. The gig is unpaid but Kyle & CJ will make you famous on the interwebs.

image via @OurSunkenCity on Instagram

image via @OurSunkenCity on Instagram

Info they sent over:

We are looking for a few more extras to join us tonight for a Sunken City ghost tour scene in the quarter (6 p.m. -10 p.m.). The shoot isn’t able to pay extras anything, but it’s a chance to stand around in the quarter, drink beer and have Kyle and CJ be weird to you on camera.

Want to spice up your Monday night? Email hello@oursunkencity.com and tell them you are game.

The camera crew is meeting at Jackson Square at 6 p.m. on the front steps of St. Louis Cathedral. Make sure to bring a fun-filled go cup.

More info:

info about the filming

info about the web series

watch the pilot episode – FREE

(header image is from Sunken City’s facebook page)

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