Tribecon – social tech conference – kicks off Oct. 31 in New Orleans

Want to do something different than the standard Halloween options (music & other events)? Check out TribeCon, a social technology conference. Pssst – costumes are encouraged.

Previous speakers include Perry Chen of Kickstarter, Baratunde Thurston of the Onion and Ben Huh, creator of ICanHazCheezburger.

This year, the conference organizers tell us, they are focusing on the intersection of tech and creative fields such as music, film, television, design, painting, etc.

The conference is Oct. 31 (Thursday) in City Park from 1 to 6 p.m. More info:

TribeCon is an annual gathering of tribes of techies, geeks, musicians and creatives.

With programming designed to inspire an audience at the intersection of music and technology, TribeCon inspires a pilgrimage to New Orleans each year around Halloween and the Voodoo Experience.

● Audience – 250 people – tech, creative, music – social media activators

● Mission – inspire creativity at the intersection of music & technology

● History – 2013 will be the 5th annual event – attendees come from SF, NYC, Austin

● Integration – connects musicians playing at Voodoo with social technologists

● Format – 3 hour event with 2 tech keynotes & 1 music keynote and performance

Tickets are $30 per person. You can get them here.

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