New Orleans web comedy releases first season

We heart the quirky folks behind “Sunken City,” a web comedy based in New Orleans. We told you about them last year and they’ve since had a successful crowd-funding campaign for their first season.

A new episode debuts every Monday. It’s a good way to sneak a peek into NOLA life if you haven’t moved yet or if you have just arrived. Granted, it is an over-the-top depiction of life in our fair city and we don’t get every joke, but we get enough of the episodes to make us laugh.

The episodes are free to watch on YouTube and

Here’s a trailer for the first season:

Here’s more about the show from its website:

Starring CJ Hunt and Kyle June Williams, and directed by Jonathan Evans, Sunken City follows six New Orleanians, and their stumbling attempts to make it big in the Big Easy.  Each played by Hunt and Williams, the cast of characters includes a goth couple fighting to rule the cut-throat world of Haunted Tourism, two smooth-talking entrepreneurs struggling to sell a product they don’t have, and an oblivious pair of socialites campaigning to be crowned king and queen of the city’s most elite Mardi Gras parade.

“We’ve always admired how the characters of Portlandia capture the charm and humor of Portland” says Williams. “With Sunken City, we wanted to make a show that not only showcases the city we love, but does so with the level of heart and character investment found in comedies like Parks and Recreation.”

Five episodes are currently out. Watch them all here for free.

One thought on “New Orleans web comedy releases first season

  1. CJ says:

    Thanks for the shout out. To us, Sunken City is a show about people (those born here and those drawn here) who decided to stay and make something great. Question for your readers: what brought you to NOLA? What are you here to make?

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