Convert your Christmas tree to a Mardi Gras tree (via L.A. to N.O.L.A.)

This is good perspective from Laura Cayouette about a New Orleans tradition – the Mardi Gras tree. Lovely photos too. But, if you don’t want to go this route, the city will pick your tree up if you leave it by the curb.

L.A. to N.O.LA

Mardi Gras is early this year with Krewe du Vieux kicking things off on January 31st. I’m still eating treats from my Christmas stocking but it’s already time for King Cake. I had my first slice at Sucre on the afternoon of Twelfth Night. Throughout the rest of the country, people are taking tinsel of trees and setting them by the curb while here in New Orleans, many of us convert Christmas trees to Mardi Gras trees.

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