Carlie Kollath Wells

Carlie Kollath Wells started in January 2013. The site was Patsy Brumfield‘s idea.

Carlie Kollath Wells

Carlie Kollath Wells

Carlie manages, along with editing, writing and posting content.

She earns her keep working as a morning news reporter at | The Times-Picayune. Check out her work here. The award-winning journalist also freelances, with stories published in New Orleans City Business,, the Mississippi Visitor’s Guide and

She previously was a business reporter at the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in Tupelo, Miss.

Her husband, Caleb, graduated from high school in Slidell.

She’s a newlywed, a cat mom, a patio gardener, an Instagram addict and a mushroom lover.

Get in touch:

Twitter: @carlie_kollath

The #newinNOLA interview with Carlie Kollath Wells (March 2013)

1. When & why did you move to New Orleans?

The week before Mardi Gras. We rented an apartment in December 2012 and my husband moved down then, but I stayed in Tupelo for a few more weeks to wrap up work. We moved because my husband was offered his dream job working in the tech industry here. Plus, New Orleans is closer to both of our families. 

2. What do you do in New Orleans?

I’m a freelance reporter, focusing on business coverage. But I’ve spent much more of my time unpacking and situating the apartment. It’s a never-ending process.

3. What part of town do you live in?


4. Favorite part about New Orleans so far?

I love how every day is different. I love the diversity of people, events, culture and food.

5. Best food you’ve had in New Orleans so far?

Charbroiled oysters at Drago’s or the creambeaux snoball from Hansen’s

6. What do you wish you would have known before you moved here?

When you parallel park on the street, park in the direction of traffic. I didn’t (parked opposite traffic) and I got a parking ticket the day I moved in.

7. Toughest part about the transition?

Trying to juggle the hassle of moving and the newness of the city. I want to go out and explore everything, but I have work to do so I can’t. But when I do go out, I get distracted because I see something new/interesting/photo-worthy/crazy and I stop to see what’s going on.

8. Has your perception of New Orleans changed since you’ve moved here? How?

I got a lot of flack for moving to New Orleans. Some people were supportive, but I also heard how I was going to killed in a drive-by and my car was going to be stolen within a week. Neither has happened. The city isn’t Mayberry, but it’s a far cry from the drunken, pee-smelling, wild craziness of Bourbon Street. And, I didn’t realize how beautiful the plants are in New Orleans. Flowers bloom everywhere.

9. What haven’t you done yet in New Orleans that you really want to do?

A whole lot. Check out my bucket list.

10. What do you wish you knew more about in New Orleans?

recommendations for a hair stylist, doctor and a car repair business

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