Cocktail tour of the French Quarter

The cocktail tour of the French Quarter sounds like our kind of tour. We love to experience cities through their culinary history.

image via

image via

Info from the write-up on (full post):

We showed up to start the tour at Vacherie, a French Quarter Restaurant and Bar, and were greeted by a smiling Elizabeth Pearce, inventor of The Cocktail Tour.

Elizabeth is a culinary historian who specializes in telling the story of New Orleans through food and drink – especially cocktails. She passed out sacks full of cocktails and we were on our way!

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photo of king cake vodka

Cocktail ideas for king cake vodka

Taaka’s king cake vodka continues to tempt us. It’s a sweet, flavored vodka found at nearly every grocery store this time of year.

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

Last month, we offered up two cocktail recipes from Rouses (see them).

If you don’t have access to king cake-flavored vodka but you still want a king cake cocktail, try this one from

And today, we heard about a new recipe: king cake vodka Jello shots.

Recipe from the good folks at

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Good New Orleans bars to watch the Super Bowl

No tickets to the Super Bowl? Don’t want to watch it at home? Check out these bars for a real New Orleans Super Bowl party.

Seven suggestions from

Tracey's Bar looks like a happening place to be. Check out its website for the menu and more pictures:

Tracey’s Bar looks like a happening place to be. Check out its website for the menu and more pictures:


This Irish Channel hangout houses 20 TVs, so Tracey’s is sure to be partying on Super Bowl night!  Don’t forget to come hungry – this spot is known for its fried oyster and roast beef po-boys.  It even made our list of “Five Great Po-Boys” in the city. Tracey’s is located at 2604 Magazine Street and can be reached at 504.897.5413.

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#BestofNOLA recommendations

How to make a king cake cocktail

King cake cocktail? Yes, please! Earlier, we shared cocktail recipes for TAAKA’s king cake-flavored vodka (more).

image via

image via

Today, we have another recipe for a king cake cocktail. This one comes from (full post):

King Cake Cocktail

1 oz. – 30 proof Cinnamon Schnapps
½ oz. each – Amaretto & Pineapple Juice
¾ oz. each – Irish Cream Liqueur & Whole Milk
Colored Bar Sugar* – Purple, Green, and Gold

– Before getting started, if you do not already keep one there, put cocktail (martini) glasses in the freezer for at least a half hour.

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Cocktail ideas for king cake vodka

We spotted Taaka’s king cake-flavored vodka during our first trip to Rouses. Only in NOLA. But what do you do with the liquor?

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

Ideas via @RousesMarkets on Twitter:

You can use in place of regular vodka in a White Russian – 1.5oz Taaka King Cake Vodka, 1oz Kahlua, 2oz cream.

1.5oz kingcake vodka, 1oz cranberry, 1oz pineapple juice, shaken & strained into martini glass rimmed w/ sugar & cinnamon

The second one sounds more appealing to us.

And, here’s a recipe for king cake Jello shots from

What about you? Have your own cocktail suggestions?

Tickets on sale for New Orleans Beer Fest

Adding this one to the bucket list. Excerpts from (full story): New Orleans Beer Fest logo

This year, the New Orleans International Beer Festival will be Saturday, March 9.

Like last year, the festival will feature 175 different craft beers along with seminars on cooking and pairing beer. One area will be devoted to cask ales. A special VIP section will have harder to find beers. And Wilson plans to add this year a “cider garden.”

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