Good places to get raw oysters in New Orleans

Happy Oysters on the Half Shell Day! Really, it’s a holiday. How do you like your bivalves – raw or on the half shell?

Our favorite oyster restaurants in New Orleans so far:

• 50 cent oysters during happy hour at Superior Seafood. This restaurant is right next to the streetcar line at St. Charles and Napoleon. It has nice indoor and outdoor seating. Happy hour is from 4 to 6:30 daily. It also has tasty frozen drinks.

Superior Seafood on St. Charles has happy hour specials for raw oysters. (photo by Carlie Kollath Wells,

Superior Seafood on St. Charles has happy hour specials for raw oysters. (photo by Carlie Kollath Wells,

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New in NOLA’s most popular newcomer advice for 2013

We’ve learned a lot this past year. The biggest thing we’ve learned – there’s so much MORE to learn about New Orleans.


photo by Carlie Kollath Wells/New in

We’ve learned the proper way to pronounce street names (“Chop-uh-too-lus”), that Big Freedia has an amazing Pandora station, that “neutral ground” is the correct term for a median in New Orleans, that NOLA’s Running of the Bulls is worth getting up early for and you should never ever call a street car a “trolley” – ever.

The most popular advice posts we did in 2013:

Tropical Storm Karen: City recommends ‘sheltering in place’ for New Orleans residents

Tropical Storm Karen is on its way toward the Gulf Coast. The track calls for it to make landfall in Alabama. Metro New Orleans isn’t expected to take the brunt of the storm, but expect some rain.

the storm track for Tropical Storm Karen as of 9 p.m. Thursday (via

the storm track for Tropical Storm Karen as of 9 p.m. Thursday (via

The city (via @NOLAready on Twitter) has NOT ordered any type of evacuation for New Orleans but has advised residents to shelter in place.

tweet sent out Thursday morning via @NOLAready

tweet sent out Thursday morning via @NOLAready

Tips from the city about sheltering in place:

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How to get a library card in New Orleans

It’s easy to get a library card in New Orleans and you don’t have to have a New Orleans driver’s license (but you should get one). new-orleans-library-card.jpg A NOLA library card gets you access to thousands of print books, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs and magazines.

How to get a New Orleans library card:

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How to pronounce New Orleans street names (

We had a tough time pronouncing New Orleans street names when we moved here. Tchoup – a – what? Thank goodness our friends walked us through it: Tchoupitoulas is “chop-uh-too-lus” or more frequently “Chop.”

Some names are French, some are Native American and some are plain ol’ New Orleanian. We enjoyed this column from New Orleans real estate agent Jean-Paul Villere about how to pronounce street names.

Jean-Paul Villere (image via

Jean-Paul Villere (image via

His column originally appeared on, a hyperlocal news site for the Uptown neighborhood in New Orleans. The folks were kind enough to let us repost the column.

And now for an excerpt from Villere’s column:

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Who are the 610 Stompers?

We heart the 610 Stompers. This is a dancing troupe of guys with the motto: Ordinary Men with Extraordinary Moves.

photo by Carlie Kollath Wells/

photo by Carlie Kollath Wells/

These guys crack us up when we see them dancing in parades and at events. We see them out and about at least once a month. Are we that lucky or are they everywhere?

This weekend, the group has tryouts, starting at 11 a.m. today and tomorrow. The first 60 men dance for the judges. NOTE: As of 10 a.m., tryouts are full for today.

And for $10, you can watch the hilarity ensue. Tryouts are at The Maison (map) on Frenchman Street.

More about the Stompers:

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Good podcast in New Orleans: “It’s New Orleans”

I’m a fan of the “It’s New Orleans” podcasts, which feature NOLA residents and gets them to talk about their lives, experiences and passions. It’s been a good way for me to find out more about New Orleans and what residents think and do.

New in NOLA was honored to be on the July 25 episode of Happy Hour. We laughed so hard, we cried. (via It's New Orleans Facebook page)

New in NOLA was honored to be on the July 25 episode of Happy Hour. We laughed so hard, we cried. (via It’s New Orleans Facebook page)

“It’s New Orleans” has several podcasts, but my favorite is Happy Hour with Grant. Each week the free podcast has a different theme and live music. For example, the pizza-themed show had reps from Midway Pizza on Freret and Slice on Magazine. The reps talked about how they got started, what makes their restaurants stand out and what their favorite pizzas are.

The podcasts are full of good advice for newbies straight from local New Orleanians.

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Carry an umbrella with you in the spring/summer

Summer storms are a way of life in New Orleans. It’s not uncommon for it to rain in the metro NOLA area every day. Expect 15 to 30 minute afternoon showers. Plan ahead and stick a mini umbrella in your car, purse or backpack.

And don’t let the weather ruin your plans. New Orleanians are used to the rain and many events go on, rain or shine. Buy a pair of rainboots (Fleurty Girl options) and hit the streets.

Also, don’t stress about the severe weather/flooding alerts on your phone. Sure, you need to pay attention and be weather-alert, but the alerts are common so there is no need to panic. UNLESS you see rising water or tornado like winds. Just be smart, people.

Maybe you can even learn to love the tumultuous weather. That’s what Lauren of NOLA New Girl did. Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

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