How to cook like a New Orleans native: Bread Pudding


Patsy BrumfieldThe Southfacin' Cook

Patsy Brumfield
The Southfacin’ Cook

Note about my Jan. 9 recipe (red beans and rice):

Whenever you use bay leaves to flavor a recipe, retrieve them from the finished dish before you serve it. While I have never eaten a bay leaf, my mother, Betty, swore repeatedly it would kill you if you did. ‘Nuff said.


If you think bread pudding isn’t for you, try this recipe. With the Bourbon Sauce on top, it’s fit for your royal guests, who surely are pouring into NOLA, now that you’re their free place to stay.

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Cocktail ideas for king cake vodka

We spotted Taaka’s king cake-flavored vodka during our first trip to Rouses. Only in NOLA. But what do you do with the liquor?

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

Ideas via @RousesMarkets on Twitter:

You can use in place of regular vodka in a White Russian – 1.5oz Taaka King Cake Vodka, 1oz Kahlua, 2oz cream.

1.5oz kingcake vodka, 1oz cranberry, 1oz pineapple juice, shaken & strained into martini glass rimmed w/ sugar & cinnamon

The second one sounds more appealing to us.

And, here’s a recipe for king cake Jello shots from

What about you? Have your own cocktail suggestions?

red beans

How to cook red beans and rice

I’m a near-retirement investigative reporter who got my first big job at the New Orleans Times-Picayune the same fall Ole Miss classmate Archie Manning came to the Saints. During my stint in NOLA, I learned what really good food tastes like and determined to learn to cook some of its standards.

In “Southfacin’ Cook,” I’ll offer tips and recipes for newcomers, who’d like to adapt culinarily with more help than I had. I’ll also draw from local food legends. Send me your recipe requests, too, and I’ll do my best to help you learn Southfacin’ cookin’, too.

This week, we get started with a class – New Orleans style red beans and rice …

Header image is from Flickr user Cookbookman17 and used in accordance with a Creative Commons license.

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