New Orleans shopping mall guide

With the holiday shopping season upon us, new-to-NOLA residents might be wondering where the best places are to get all of their shopping done. While I’m big into shopping locally at the unique New Orleans boutiques that call Magazine Street and the French Quarter home, sometimes you just have to make a trip to … the mall! Here’s an overview of the shopping malls around New Orleans, and what makes each one special.

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How to wear a summer hat

Every Southern girl knows – you need at least one rockin’ hat for summer. Hats are about more than just having great style in the hotter months – they’re downright practical!

Here are my tips on how to wear a summer hat:

floppy hat, at Ponchartrain Vineyards

image via

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Crawfish boil INSIDE the grocery store

Gotta love New Orleans. Rouses on Tchoup has a big ol’ cooler of boiled crawfish ready for grab and go. Only in NOLA 🙂

Rouses sells boiled crawfish in Tchoup store in New Orleans (photo via @newinNOLA on Instagram)

Rouses sells boiled crawfish in Tchoup store in New Orleans (photo via @newinNOLA on Instagram)

We watched the employees refill the cooler. And, they each grabbed a mudbug afterward and ate it. We’re going to file that one under good quality control.

The store was insanely busy around lunch today. We asked the cashier when is a good, slow time to shop – 9 p.m.? Early morning?

“After Mardi Gras,” she said.

We also found some new goodies today (pic below): Rouses’ brand of coffee, Rouses’ brand of Italian sausage, a peppery cheese and a chip dip called Demon Dip. We’ll see how these turn out.

Have y’all found any strange food in the grocery stores yet?

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