How to cook like a New Orleans native: Bread Pudding


Patsy BrumfieldThe Southfacin' Cook

Patsy Brumfield
The Southfacin’ Cook

Note about my Jan. 9 recipe (red beans and rice):

Whenever you use bay leaves to flavor a recipe, retrieve them from the finished dish before you serve it. While I have never eaten a bay leaf, my mother, Betty, swore repeatedly it would kill you if you did. ‘Nuff said.


If you think bread pudding isn’t for you, try this recipe. With the Bourbon Sauce on top, it’s fit for your royal guests, who surely are pouring into NOLA, now that you’re their free place to stay.

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Good carpet cleaning company in New Orleans

We were happy with the customer service and the cleaning skills of NOLA Carpet Cleaning (website). NOLA Carpet Cleaning

We researched companies on Yelp, Insider Pages and Google and then called and got quotes.

For two bedrooms and a set of stairs, the going rate last week was about $120. Some companies charged an extra fee if they had to bring their own water because you didn’t have a hose outside.

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Cocktail ideas for king cake vodka

We spotted Taaka’s king cake-flavored vodka during our first trip to Rouses. Only in NOLA. But what do you do with the liquor?

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

Ideas via @RousesMarkets on Twitter:

You can use in place of regular vodka in a White Russian – 1.5oz Taaka King Cake Vodka, 1oz Kahlua, 2oz cream.

1.5oz kingcake vodka, 1oz cranberry, 1oz pineapple juice, shaken & strained into martini glass rimmed w/ sugar & cinnamon

The second one sounds more appealing to us.

And, here’s a recipe for king cake Jello shots from

What about you? Have your own cocktail suggestions?’s 38 essential restaurants in New Orleans

We’ve crossed a few of these restaurants off our New Orleans bucket list. Looking forward to trying out the rest of the eateries.

image via @eaterNOLA

image via @eaterNOLA

From (full story):

Here, now, we present to you the updated Eater 38, our answer to any question that becomes with, “Can you recommend a restaurant…”

This list is not the 38 best restaurants in our fine city, but it instead seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of where you can get a great meal regardless of mood. It covers the entire city with some lagniappe love for the West Bank, spans myriad cuisines and should satisfy all of your restaurant needs.

These are listed here in no particular order.

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Tickets on sale for New Orleans Beer Fest

Adding this one to the bucket list. Excerpts from (full story): New Orleans Beer Fest logo

This year, the New Orleans International Beer Festival will be Saturday, March 9.

Like last year, the festival will feature 175 different craft beers along with seminars on cooking and pairing beer. One area will be devoted to cask ales. A special VIP section will have harder to find beers. And Wilson plans to add this year a “cider garden.”

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Zebra racing tonight at New Orleans Fair Grounds

No excuse to say you are bored this weekend. Yet another event (via

It may have been a rainy week at the track, but on Saturday night storm clouds part just in time for a night of exotic twilight racing.

After 6 pm, Louisiana’s finest thoroughbreds step aside to make way for their equus cousins and a flock of flightless birds.

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Advocate: Jobs in New Orleans grew in 2012

Good info to know about our new city. Via (full story):

image via

image via

New Orleans — A recent UNO study found that the metro New Orleans area economy grew modestly during the first three quarters of 2012, with major job losses being offset by new jobs in other industries.

According to the latest UNO Metropolitan Report, compiled by the university’s Division of Business and Economic Research, total employment in the metro area grew 0.4 percent, while there were substantial job losses reported in industries such as construction, manufacturing and retail trade.

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How to find a church in New Orleans

Helpful tool from

image via

image via

You enter the domination and/or the neighborhood and the app will find the results. You can’t select multiple denominations.

The listed results include addresses, phone numbers and websites for the churches.

We selected “Uptown/Garden District” neighborhood to see what happened and got 61 results.

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Food truck events this weekend in New Orleans

Three food truck events are scheduled this weekend in New Orleans. Woohoo!  food-trucks-new-orleans

Via (full story):

T-shirt shop Dirty Coast is collaborating with the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition to celebrate the official opening of its second store at 329 Julia St.

Dirty Coast will host an event at its Julia Street store from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday then move onto the Rusty Nail where three food trucks will be parked to launch Dirty Coast’s new Food Truck Coalition t-shirt.

Via (full story):

Sunday, Jan. 13, St. Claude Avenue – La Cocinita, Rue Chow, The Fat Falafel, Frencheeze, NOLA Girl Food Truck, Empanada Intifada and Grilling Shelling are among the trucks that will be parked at 1940 St. Claude Ave. Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The T-Lot Food Truck Round-up is organized by My House: Empowering Culinary Entrepreneurs in collaboration with T-Lot artists studio, St. Claude Main Street and the St. Claude Business Association. Details are here.

If you can’t make it out this weekend, don’t fret. Another food truck rally is scheduled Jan. 24 (more info) from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Free class Saturday about citrus gardening in New Orleans

Oh, this looks like so much fun. Good way to learn about New Orleans and meet new people. And, the class is FREE.Parkway Partners logo

Email from Parkway Partners, which is a nonprofit organization geared at urban gardening in New Orleans:

You’ve been asking for it!

Come to Parkway Partners this Saturday, January 12, and learn about GROWING CITRUS TREES IN NEW ORLEANS.  We’ve invited LSU Ag Center County Agent for Plaquemines Parish, Alan Vaughn, who is considered to be the greatest local authority on growing citrus, to speak.

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