Free trees Nov. 8 for Orleans Parish residents

Parkway Partners is giving away native trees Saturday (Nov. 8) to Orleans Parish residents. The giveaway is from 9 a.m. to noon. First come, first serve. Parkway Partners logo

You are limited to one tree per person and a max of two trees per household.

The gardening gurus at Parkway Partners also are teaching a free class at 10 to show you how to properly maintain your trees. The class will go over proper nutrition, fertilizer application, mulching and more.

Parkway Partners is 1137 Baronne Street (map). The nonprofit also has its monthly plant sale Saturday and will have:

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Beware of stinging caterpillars in New Orleans

Beware of stinging Buckmoth caterpillars in New Orleans. Friends and neighbors have warned us to look out for these caterpillars on sidewalks. They said the caterpillars fall from trees, especially oaks, and are easy to step on if you are barefoot.

The Buckmoth caterpillars sting people and animals.

buckmoth caterpillar via

buckmoth caterpillar via

If you get stung …

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