How to make a Mardi Gras King Cake (John Besh recipe)

What better way to say/eat Mardi Gras than with a home-baked king cake, that delicate pastry with the purple, gold and green sprinkled icing. Some folks fill it with a sweet cream cheese or fruit or boudin, but this one’s the traditional king cake from New Orleans’ favorite chef (well, mine) John Besh.

If you want the praline-topped, banana-stuffed, gold-flecked king cake from Besh Chef Lisa White, here’s that recipe. Warning – it’s not for king cake wimps.

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photo of king cake vodka

Cocktail ideas for king cake vodka

Taaka’s king cake vodka continues to tempt us. It’s a sweet, flavored vodka found at nearly every grocery store this time of year.

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

image via @newinNOLA on Instagram

Last month, we offered up two cocktail recipes from Rouses (see them).

If you don’t have access to king cake-flavored vodka but you still want a king cake cocktail, try this one from

And today, we heard about a new recipe: king cake vodka Jello shots.

Recipe from the good folks at

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