Carry an umbrella with you in the spring/summer

Summer storms are a way of life in New Orleans. It’s not uncommon for it to rain in the metro NOLA area every day. Expect 15 to 30 minute afternoon showers. Plan ahead and stick a mini umbrella in your car, purse or backpack.

And don’t let the weather ruin your plans. New Orleanians are used to the rain and many events go on, rain or shine. Buy a pair of rainboots (Fleurty Girl options) and hit the streets.

Also, don’t stress about the severe weather/flooding alerts on your phone. Sure, you need to pay attention and be weather-alert, but the alerts are common so there is no need to panic. UNLESS you see rising water or tornado like winds. Just be smart, people.

Maybe you can even learn to love the tumultuous weather. That’s what Lauren of NOLA New Girl did. Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

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