Running with the Bulls in New Orleans: Advice for first timers

Planning to run with the (roller) bulls in New Orleans? Prepare yourself for a wildly fun morning. This year’s event is Saturday, July 12, 2014, at 8 a.m. sharp. Seriously, don’t be late or you are going to miss the event. This NOLA event actually starts on time.

Event summary for San Fermin in Nueva Orleans:

Hundreds of roller derby women (bulls) chase thousands of runners through a short course in the CBD and Warehouse District. The bulls have wiffle bats and spank runners during the race. The event raises money for the Animal Rescue New Orleans and the Louisiana Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


We ran with the bulls last year and had a blast. We’ll be there again Saturday with our Meetup friends. We’d love for you to join us.

Advice if you are a first-time runner this year:

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Advice (and photos) for running with the bulls in New Orleans

We had our first experience Saturday running with the bulls in New Orleans. It was early (we arrived at 7 a.m.), but it definitely was worth it. Thanks to Cate Root for encouraging us to go.

What we wish we knew before we ran AKA advice for next year:

–  The event is free, but $10 gets you a running number and access to the inside venue (AC, chairs, bathrooms, music, pay-as-you-eat food). You are supposed to preregister for a number, but we were able to do it the day of the race.  However, you can skip the number, dress up and run for free.

Our awesome souvenir number:


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Run with the bulls in New Orleans

New Orleans hosts its version of the Running of the Bulls tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 8 a.m. We hear from Cate Root that it is worth checking out.

General idea of tomorrow’s event from Cate, who has run before (and who wrote about it for

– The event is free but donations are encouraged.

– The runners wear comfortable white clothes (white shirt is mandatory), with a red banana tied around their neck and a red scarf around their waist (photos of outfits).

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